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The core of our services lies in our deep expertise in green cards and work visas, particularly in the EB2 - NIW category. We have a multidisciplinary team comprised of lawyers, legal assistants, and business specialists. We are prepared to provide you with unparalleled immigration assistance.

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What is an EB-2 NIW?

EB-2 with National Interest Waiver (NIW) is a category of immigrant visa in the United States that allows foreign professionals to obtain a green card (permanent residency) without the need for an employer sponsor, provided they can demonstrate that their work benefits the national interests of the country. The residency authorization is for 10 years, and with 5 years, it's possible to apply for American citizenship. This category is particularly popular among skilled professionals, researchers, and individuals with exceptional abilities in specific fields.

Regarding the most in-demand professions for EB-2 NIW, this can vary over time and depending on national priorities. However, generally, high-demand areas include science, technology, engineering, medicine, academic research, entrepreneurship, arts, and culture, among others. Professionals with a doctoral or advanced master's degree, as well as those who have significant research or contributions in their fields, are often successful in obtaining EB-2 NIW.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency responsible for processing immigrant visa applications in the United States, including EB-2 NIW. Remember that U.S. immigration policies can change, and it's important to consult the official USCIS website and/or seek legal advice to obtain accurate and detailed information about the requirements and application process for EB-2 NIW.

Send us a message or visit the USCIS website for more information about the general eligibility requirements to apply for an EB-2 NIW. Additionally, you can send us your updated resume by clicking the button below and have our team check the compatibility of your profile with the requirements of the U.S. immigration agency (USCIS).

Immigration Attorneys

If you're considering immigrating to the United States, you might wonder: why hire an immigration attorney in the U.S.?

Imagine navigating a complex maze without a map. It's a bit like dealing with immigration matters without an attorney by your side. An immigration attorney is like that reliable guide who knows all the twists and turns, helping you navigate through the challenges, both current and upcoming. So, let's take a look at what an immigration attorney can offer you:

Remember, just as you would seek a teacher's help or a coach's guidance, an immigration attorney is your ally when it comes to navigating the complexities of immigration. They are here to help you turn your dreams into a successful reality.

However, be cautious! Many unqualified individuals pose as immigration experts, causing significant harm. These frauds can lead to devastating consequences, including wasted time, money loss, and in some cases, deportation. Additionally, the emotional and psychological impact of these situations should not be underestimated. Financial loss is often just the beginning, as the repercussions of dealing with an unprofessional can extend for years. It's crucial to understand that relying on unqualified individuals to handle immigration matters can result in irreparable damage and seriously affect your pursuit of a better and safer life in a new country.

The unauthorized practice of law in the immigration context is considered a crime in most American states and includes, as highlighted by the American Bar Association (ABA), any "practice" or "preparation" activity, as defined in 8 C.F.R. §1001.1(i) and (k), by any individual not authorized to provide "representation," as outlined in 8 C.F.R. §1292.1 (namely, attorneys, law students and graduates, reputable individuals, accredited representatives, and accredited officials). Further information can be found on the ABA's website or the website of the United States Federal Trade Commission.

So, if you're considering immigration, you should have an immigration attorney by your side. They're not only legal experts; they're your partners in turning your dreams into reality. 

Our team of attorneys and other specialists is ready to help you achieve your American dream! Reach out to us!


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